How to Use Planned Workouts on Your ELEMNT

What does your workout look like this afternoon? How about tomorrow… or next week? If you’re anxiously Googling workout ideas right now because you have no idea – put your phone down. Relief has arrived.

What are Planned Workouts?

In the spirit of all things Wahoo, we want to make cycling more enjoyable every time you get on your bike. Spending time searching through workout forums is time-consuming and unclear. That’s where Planned Workouts saves the day.

Planned Workouts are structured workouts you can use as part of a larger scheduled training plan. It takes the guesswork out of the workout and helps keep you focused on your goals. As we may hate to admit, our bosses may be right: what gets measured gets done. Planned Workouts are the easiest way to stay on track to our fitness goals and make sure that we hit the road like we said we would.

Who can build Planned Workouts?

If you’ve got a coach (or if you’re the captain now) you can build your workouts in several easy ways and schedule them out. We’ve optimized the ELEMNT Bike Computers to read incoming plans from 3rd party apps like Training Peaks and display them on your ELEMNT bike computer.

Typically these workouts involve a set of planned intervals with 1 or 2 targets per interval based on power, heart rate, or cadence. So whatever workout you choose, you’ll see the data you need in clear notifications.

Automatic Integration

Planned Workouts automatically sync to the ELEMNT. This means no plugging into your computer before every training session or navigating weird interfaces trying to find your workout. We said this would be easy, right?

3rd Party Planned Workout Integration
You can also authorize your TrainingPeaks account to automatically send workouts to your ELEMNT. It will sync the next 5 days and the last 2 days of planned workouts, so you’re ready to go every time the pre-workout kicks in.

Preloaded Workouts
We’ve also included a small number of workouts to help you get started. These include:

  • 20 Minute FTP Test
  • 8 Minute FTP Test
  • Team Ineos Sprinting Session – KICKR Workout
  • Team Ineos Climbing Session – KICKR Workout
  • Team Ineos Mixed Session – KICKR Workout

Control During Your Workout

When the road beckons, answer the call. We’ve made executing structured workouts so easy.

1. Workouts Ready to Go: See a week’s worth of workouts on your device, and select the one that is right for you.

2. Target Focused Workout: Build 1 or 2 Targets in each of your planned workouts. Choose a range or a single number. Focused targets can be based on power, heart rate, or cadence.

3. Never Miss an Interval: Pop-Up notifications and interface LED’s provide alerts for those crucial moments during a workout; we’ve included a five-second countdown before a new interval, a message to motivate you if you’re ahead or behind a target, and an alert to inform you when a new interval is about to start.

4. Know Your Progress: The graph feature is a great way to see where you are along your workout. It plots your primary target and your position mid-workout. Hello, final stretch!

5. Control Your Workout: As needed, you can start, stop, pause and skip intervals to accommodate outdoor conditions. It’s crucial flexibility to keep you on target and safe during your workout.

6. Workout Outdoor to Indoors: With the Wahoo Fitness united ecosystem, you can easily conquer your workout outdoors or indoors on your Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer as needed. No excuses!

Setting up Planned Workouts

Ready to pick your first grueling workout? Get started in minutes. Just follow this helpful step-by-step guide.

  1. If you’re planning on using 3rd Party Workouts/Plans (like in TrainingPeaks), you’ll first need to build your workout and/or training plan in those individual platforms. Then authorize those services to sync in the ELEMNT Companion App.
  2. When connected to WIFI, the past 2 days, today, and the next 5 days of planned workouts will automatically sync to your ELEMNT. Check them out in your training calendar and move them around as needed.
  3. If a workout is scheduled for today, you will see a notification pop up on your screen. Clicking “More” will take you to your workout library.
  4. You can find your Workout Library from the “Planned Workouts Detail” page via the middle button.
  5. When you find a workout you’d like to complete, simply select it and hit “Start.” Remember: any interval can be stopped, paused, or skipped mid-workout without impacting your overall ride time.
  6. Once your workout is complete, sit back, take a breather and watch as your workout automatically syncs back to all authorized accounts, just like any normal ride with an ELEMNT.

Don’t spend your precious energy trying to figure out what to do for your workout. With Planned Workouts, you’ll have a plethora of resources to get on the road quicker and easier. Want to know more about your ELEMNT? Learn about the features we’ve rolled out for the ELEMNT or read more on how Team Ineos trains.


  1. Cons
    23 August 2017

    Looks like this update is giving me a “Crash” notice. Should I resent the whole thing?

  2. Erik Westerfors
    23 August 2017

    Exciting news!
    Two questions:
    -supported on the Bolt?
    -possible to run workouts on the kickr same as running I.e TrainerRoad in ERG-mode?

  3. Casey Kreilein
    23 August 2017

    Hopefully I just missed it but I’m not seeing a way for me to use this feature without paying for a monthly subscription to a third party. Is there anyway I can program my own workouts and have them sync to my head unit? If not this is a huge fail on your part

  4. Anton
    23 August 2017

    Impressed with tempo at which new software development rate.

    I am very keen to have out of Zone alarms being introduced. Is this a future development, and if so, when?

  5. Casey Kreilein
    23 August 2017

    Anyway that I don’t have to go through a subscription to program my own workouts?

  6. Piotr
    24 August 2017

    This feature is great, and something that can grant Elemnt top spot in the bike computers world. In the article, section step-by-step, I read “If you’re planning to use Training Peaks or Today’s Plan…”

    Except for the pre-loaded 5 plans and 3rd party service, what are other options to upload/enter plans into Elemnt?

    Will the companion app be capable of building simple plans as well?

    Best regards,

  7. Jacob
    24 August 2017

    Hi Wahoo,

    After I have build my workout in TP, it still does not show on my Elemnt. It only shows the pre installed workouts. I already have my account synchronized with TP, and all my workouts are automatic uploaded. What else do I need to do to make it work.


    Big fan

  8. Ben
    30 August 2017

    Is there any plan to support TrainerRoad workouts (pleeeeease!!)?

  9. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    TR workouts are intended for use on their platform. This is one of the strengths of the TR platform.

  10. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    Not entirely sure what the circumstances are here. Would you be able to contact our support team for a quick resolution? 1-877-978-1112

  11. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    as of right now we do not have a workout creator built into the companion app. You can create workouts using TrainingPeaks.

  12. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    You can create workouts day to day using TrainingPeaks free platform. Workouts scheduled in advance is only possible with a subscription.

  13. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    Not that I know of right now but something that I can send over to the developers as a request.

  14. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    We do not currently have a workout builder in the companion app. You can however create day to day workouts and have them auto uploaded to your ELEMNT or BOLT computer using the free TrainingPeaks account.

  15. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    Yes, this feature is available on both the ELEMNT and the ELEMNT BOLT.

    You can most certainly run workouts on the KICKR straight from your computer.

  16. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    give our support team a quick call, we can sort things out for you.

  17. Moritz
    30 August 2017

    Which 3rd party apps are supported?

  18. Wahoo Fitness
    30 August 2017

    Right now TrainingPeaks and Today Plan are supported.

  19. Gerard
    30 August 2017

    I don’t think it is possible to build and upload a workout plan to elemnt using the free TO app. When it should be, please explain how.

  20. Moritz
    30 August 2017

    Trainingpeaks doesn’t allow to build structured workouts based on cadence.

  21. Gerard
    30 August 2017

    Sorry, I mean the TP app

  22. Francesco
    6 September 2017

    you say:
    “Typically these workouts involve a set of planned intervals with 1 or 2 targets per interval based on power, heart rate, or cadence. So whatever workout you choose, you’ll see the data you need in clear notifications.”

    But how do I do a workout by setting a heart rate range?
    I have already opened a ticket and it was told that I can not do it, how can I train seriously? In the end I do not seem to ask so much if I just want to set 2 values ​​and have an audible warning that will tell me if I’m wrong. I’m seriously disappointed

  23. Francesco Frediani
    12 September 2017

    How can i do a bpm based workout? Please add this option directly from your app!

  24. Wahoo Fitness
    12 September 2017

    You can do BPM workouts built in Training Peaks. Just be sure to customize your planned workout data screen to show the data you require.

  25. Wahoo Fitness
    12 September 2017

    You can use the free account. You just have to create it each day.

  26. Wahoo Fitness
    12 September 2017

    You can do workouts based on BPM. Just create the workouts in Training Peaks and customize your ELEMNT Planned Workout data screen to support BPM and not power. Once created in TP you should be all set.

  27. Ray Middleton
    12 September 2017

    Love the new workout feature. BUT is there a way to increase the audible sound? When outside the surrounding noise makes it very hard to hear the count down.

  28. Wahoo Fitness
    12 September 2017

    not as of right now but this is something we can send over to the developers for consideration.

  29. Wouter Broeze
    3 October 2017

    I understand that wahoo starts with 3th party support. But it would be great to not need TP. For each training i need to make a new training which is very user unfriendly.

  30. Brian Phillip Kennemer
    4 October 2017

    How does one build a workout that contains ‘climbing’ for use with the ‘Climb’ product? Training Peaks does not contain the concept of climbing.

  31. Craig Stevenson
    24 October 2017

    Today’s plan workouts not syncing no matter what I try, is there a work around for this? The default 5 workouts are available though but not what my coach has built into my calendar but they sync automatically to zwift no problem so the problem is with my elemnt bolt

  32. Damien
    30 October 2017

    Hey, hoping you can help!

    Im using todays plan trying to perform what should be a 2 hour session but once loaded it appears to be missing some intervals.

    I think its is something to do with “sub-intervals”?

    Any idea?


  33. Wahoo Fitness
    30 October 2017


    I am not entirely sure if it is due to the sub- intervals or if there is something else in play here. Sorry. Can you give our support team a quick chat? You can call, email or chat with them by going to the following page:

  34. Wahoo Fitness
    30 October 2017

    Not sure what might be taking place here. Please give us a quick call or chat:

    We will get things sorted quickly for you.

  35. Damien
    31 October 2017

    Cool thanks!

  36. Vincent
    27 October 2019

    If I have a 15 min recovery set in a planned workout and I want to jump ahead to the next interval after, say 12 minutes….is there a way to skip ahead?

  37. GregS
    5 May 2021

    Regarding the guided ftp test

    Does it boost my ftp score if I try to exceed the 110% targets in the test? Is it better to match as closely as possible.

    For example. If the early 110% targets are 200w but I manage 250w will that boost my final score? Is it only 20 minute that matters?

    Also the 40%, 60% recovery targets seemed really low. I had a hard time soft pedaling without exceeding them even while being at in zone 1 HR. Should I ease up even more?

  38. Ricardo Lourenço
    23 June 2021

    Do you intend to add as 3rd party to include The workouts?

  39. Nestor Patrikios
    30 August 2021

    Hi – I have happily created intervals in TrainerDay and saved to the Plan folder on my Elemnt via USB. These are then synced into Planned Workouts. It’s just stopped working with the latest software upgrade. How can I continue to do this?


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