Wahoo Fitness - Return policy and warranty

Return policy and warranty

Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy

At Wahoo Fitness, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. You may return any hardware item(s) purchased from this website for any reason within the first thirty (30) days from the date of delivery for a full refund, excluding the original shipping cost (subject to the terms detailed below). For clarity, our thirty (30) day guarantee does not apply to Wahoo Fitness indoor training subscriptions, which are subject to Wahoo Fitness’ Terms of Service.

What can be returned?

  1. Any hardware item purchased through Wahoo Fitness’s direct website within 30 days after the date of delivery.

What cannot be returned?

  1. Any item not purchased through our website. If you have purchased a Wahoo Fitness product in a retail store or through a non-Wahoo website, contact the original seller to return your items under that seller’s return policy.
  2. Gift Card purchases, or purchases made with gift cards.
  3. Indoor training subscriptions, which are subject to the separate terms of Wahoo Fitness’ Terms of Service.
  4. 3rd party products or services bundled and sold with Wahoo products.

How do I return a Wahoo Product covered by this 30 Day Guarantee?

  1. U.S. returns of KICKR BIKE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT or KICKR RUN will need to be processed by Wahoo Customer Support. Please submit a support request and allow up to two (2) business days for a response with return instructions. For returns of all other products, enter your order number below to begin your return.
  2. For returns of all other products, enter your order number below to begin your return.
  3. You will be issued an RMA # by Wahoo Fitness. Please make sure the RMA # is written on the outside of the package. Any packages returned without an RMA# are subject to being returned to sender. Wahoo Fitness is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.
  4. Returned merchandise must be sent back in its original packaging and returned in the same condition as sold, including all packaging, parts, accessories, manuals, and documentation. Incomplete returns may be subject to additional charges or partial refunds. Returns must be received within thirty (30) days of the RMA # issue. Original packaging is not required for Kickr Bike, Kickr Bike Shift, or Kickr Run.
  5. If you feel your product is defective, please submit a support request, and refer to the terms of the limited warranty policy below.

What am I responsible for in the returns process?

  1. For products other than KICKR BIKE, KICKR BIKE SHIFT, and KICKR RUN, you are responsible for providing all packing materials and ensuring the return product is packaged appropriately for shipping. We recommend keeping the original packaging for the duration of the return period for these products. For KICKR BIKE, KICKR BIKE SHIFT, and KICKR RUN, Wahoo Fitness will assist in coordinating product return or pick up (depending on location) using our shipping providers.
  2. Depending on the product, you may be required to pay a restocking fee. Please see the restocking fee section below for more details.
  3. You are also responsible for damage to returned products in transit to Wahoo Fitness. We recommend insuring shipments, especially trainers.
  4. You are responsible for all return shipping charges if indicated in the chart below. For returning large and bulky items, such as KICKR trainers, we recommend getting a return shipping estimate. Please contact your preferred shipping provider, and use 60 lbs as the weight.
  5. For any international shipping conducted by Wahoo during the returns process, you will be responsible for any duties or customs fees associated with shipping.

What will Wahoo do after my return request is submitted?

  1. After your product is received by Wahoo Fitness, your refund will be processed and posted to your method of payment within seven (7) business days.Wahoo Fitness is only able to process refunds to the account used for the original payment.
  2. Wahoo Fitness charges restocking fees for certain items due to their size and weight. The table below details which products are subject to a restocking fee and the amount of the fee. Any applicable restocking fees will be deducted from your refund.
  3. Wahoo does not offer a refund for any shipping charges you may have paid at the time of purchase, and such charges will not be returned with your refund.

Restocking Fees and Return Shipping Costs

  1. The restocking fees (if any) and any applicable return shipping costs for the Wahoo Fitness products is included below.
  2. If your Wahoo Fitness product is returned in damaged condition, with missing parts, or otherwise has signs of abuse, Wahoo Fitness reserves the right to refuse a refund or to charge you additional restocking fees.
    Items Restocking Fee Return Shipping Costs
    KICKR Smart Trainers and Trainer Accessories $0 You pay for return shipping and supply appropriate return packaging.
    ELEMNT Cycling Computers and Smart Watches $0 You pay for return shipping and supply appropriate return packaging.
    Speedplay Pedals and Cleats $0 You pay for return shipping and supply appropriate return packaging.
    Sensors and Soft Goods $0 You pay for return shipping and supply appropriate return packaging.
    KICKR BIKEs $250 Restocking fee includes return shipping cost/packaging cost
    KICKR RUN $600 for the contiguous 48 states (ask Wahoo Fitness Customer Support for quotes for other locations) Restocking fee includes return shipping cost/packaging cost

Order Changes and Cancellations

  1. We understand that things change and sometimes you hit the “Place Order” button a little too soon.
  2. If you wish to cancel an order prior to shipment, please submit a support request to see if we can cancel the order for you. Wahoo Fitness can only cancel orders before shipment in limited circumstances.
  3. If an order has already shipped, it cannot be canceled and any refunds are subject to the terms of our 30 Day Guarantee detailed above or as otherwise required by law.

Price Adjustments

  1. In the event that Wahoo Fitness lowers the price on its website of the product(s) you ordered from the Wahoo Fitness website within seven (7) days of your order, you may be eligible for a one-time price adjustment.
  2. In order to be eligible for a price adjustment, you must have purchased the product(s) at issue from Wahoo Fitness’s website at full price and must have the original purchase receipt.
  3. Wahoo Fitness indoor training subscriptions are exempt from price adjustments, other than as required by law.

Limited Warranty Policy

Wahoo Fitness expressly warrants products sold by Wahoo Fitness or Wahoo Fitness authorized retailers to operate in accordance with their published specifications and to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use from the original date of purchase for the limited warranty period set forth below.

Defects that have resulted from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, accidents, excess moisture, insects, improper packing, lightning, power surges, or unauthorized tampering, alteration or modification are not covered.


What does this Limited Warranty Cover?

  1. Under this Limited Warranty, Wahoo warrants to you that your Wahoo Fitness product(s) will operate in accordance with its published specifications and shall be free from defects in the materials and workmanship under normal use for the relevant limited warranty period. Certain exceptions apply, as further described in his Limited Warranty.
  2. This Limited Warranty covers new Wahoo Fitness products purchased from Wahoo Fitness or its authorized retailers and refurbished products purchased off of Wahoo Fitness’ website.
  3. This Limited Warranty applies to you if you are the original purchaser of a Wahoo Fitness product from Wahoo Fitness or one of Wahoo Fitness’ authorized retailers or, in the case of a gift, the original gift recipient with the sole product registration and a product order receipt.
  4. This Limited Warranty applies only to non-commercial use of the Wahoo Fitness product. Any commercial use of the Wahoo Fitness product (for example, use 12 or more hours per day) will void this Limited Warranty.
  5. This Limited Warranty applies locally, and only to the country where the Wahoo Fitness product is purchased. Additional freight costs and transit times may apply to repairs or replacement products provided outside of Wahoo’s standard shipping locations or to a country other than that of the original purchase.

What is the Limited Warranty Period?

  1. The Limited Warranty period starts from the date of your purchase of your Wahoo Fitness product (or the date of delivery, if this is later) and continues for the period set out below.
  2. Any component repaired or replaced under this Limited Warranty shall be warrantied for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty period or 60 days from shipment, whichever is longer, or for any additional period required by law or set forth elsewhere in this Limited Warranty.
  3. If you purchase an extended protection plan through a third party such as Extend, your extended protection period is governed by that third party provider’s extended protection plan terms.
    Wahoo Fitness Product Warranty Period
    KICKR Smart Trainers 12 months
    KICKR Smart Bikes 12 months
    KICKR CLIMB, HEADWIND, and DESK 12 months
    ELEMNT Cycling Computers and Smart Watches 12 months
    Speedplay Pedals and Cleats 12 months
    Sensors and Heart Rate Monitors 12 months
    Soft Goods and Accessories 12 months
    • 5 years for frame, motor, and running belt
    • 1 year on all other treadmill parts
    • 1 year on labor provided by Wahoo authorized repair providers

What is NOT covered by this Limited Warranty?

  1. Normal wear and tear or normal aging of a Wahoo Fitness product;
  2. Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to corrosion, discoloration of paint or plastic, scratches, or any other change in cosmetic appearance that does not affect the Wahoo Fitness product’s performance;
  3. Any software elements, even if sold with the Wahoo Fitness product, or obtained at any time through internet connectivity;
  4. Any Wahoo Fitness products missing serial numbers or that are, or that Wahoo reasonably believes to be, stolen, counterfeit, or purchased from an unauthorized distributor or reseller;
  5. Products purchased from eBay or REI garage sales, or products purchased secondhand;
  6. Damage or Failure of the Wahoo Fitness product to the extent caused by:
    1. transportation or storage;
    2. using the Wahoo Fitness Product in a manner or for a purpose for which it was not intended or beyond its design;
    3. any assembly or use that is contrary to the instructions in Wahoo’s user manuals, technical specifications or Wahoo’s published guidance (including the self-assembly instructions);
    4. accidental damage, abuse, neglect, misuse, or improper maintenance or cleaning of the Wahoo Fitness product (including but not limited to rust or corrosion);
    5. use with a component or product (including a third party component or parts) that is not originally intended for or compatible, as deemed by Wahoo, with the applicable Wahoo Fitness product;
    6. services (including but not limited to attempted or actual assembly, reassembly, maintenance, installation, modification, relocation or repair) performed by anyone other than a Wahoo authorized service technician, except with Wahoo’s prior approval and subject to the relevant third party complying fully with Wahoo’s instructions; and
    7. external causes, including but not limited to water damage, exposure to sharp or foreign objects, exposure to excessive force, electrical wiring (including anomalies in the electrical current supplied to the Wahoo Fitness product), and extreme thermal or environmental conditions;
  7. Data loss, including any damages or costs related to data recovery, removal, and installation (including the loss of user-generated information or data stored on the Wahoo Fitness product as a result of repair or replacement of your Wahoo Fitness product under this Limited Warranty);
  8. Incidental or consequential damages, economic loss, loss of property or profits, or loss of enjoyment or use.

What are your Remedies Under this Limited Warranty?

  1. If a defect or nonconformity covered by this Limited Warranty arises and you submit a claim to Wahoo Fitness within the applicable warranty period, Wahoo will, in its discretion and as its sole obligations, either:
    1. repair your Wahoo Fitness product, and such repair may include new or refurbished parts;
    2. replace your Wahoo Fitness product with a new or refurbished Wahoo Fitness product to provide you with a Wahoo Fitness product at least functionally equivalent to the Wahoo Fitness product that is being replaced; or
    3. provide you with a refund for the Wahoo Fitness product (which can be reduced in direct proportion to the time elapsed, for example, decreasing your refund by ⅙ if your warranty claim only arises two months after purchase).
  2. If your Wahoo Fitness product is a special color or branded edition and it or any element thereof is no longer available, then Wahoo Fitness may choose to provide the replacement option with a comparable model (or component) that does NOT contain the special color or branded markings.
  3. All returned parts for which you have received a replacement under this Limited Warranty will become the property of, and title to such parts will transfer to, Wahoo Fitness.

How Do You Obtain Warranty Service?

  1. To make a claim under this Limited Warranty, you must, upon discovering any nonconformity or defect, immediately cease using the Wahoo Fitness product and contact Wahoo Customer Support.
  2. To make the claim you must provide Wahoo Customer Support:
    1. your name, phone number, and e-mail address.
    2. the serial number of your Wahoo Fitness product (if serialized);
    3. Wahoofitness.com order number or proof of purchase indicating the date of purchase or delivery (as applicable);
    4. a description of the nonconformity or defect; and
    5. photographs or video of the nonconformity or defect when requested by Wahoo Customer Support to assess the claim.
  3. If Wahoo Customer Support determines that it is necessary for you to return the Wahoo Fitness product or a component to Wahoo, Wahoo Customer Support will arrange for a collection of the Wahoo Fitness product or provide you with a prepaid shipping label for the return of the applicable Wahoo Fitness product or component. If warranty service or replacement is confirmed for KICKR BIKE, KICKR BIKE SHIFT or KICKR RUN, a shipping box and packing kit may be mailed to the original purchase address or a collection of the product may be arranged with you, depending on your location. You must follow all directions provided by Wahoo Customer Support and, if you are packing the product or component, ensure it is properly packed to protect it from damage during shipping. Wahoo Fitness may require receipt of the Wahoo Fitness product or component before shipping out your replacement product or part.
  4. Wahoo Fitness will be responsible for any collection or shipping costs associated with returning the Wahoo Fitness products or components to Wahoo. Wahoo Fitness is NOT responsible for providing packing boxes or materials for shipping unless otherwise specified.

Warranties for Third Party Products

  1. Wahoo Fitness’s 30 Day Guarantee and Limited Warranty are applicable only to Wahoo-branded products. WAHOO FITNESS MAKES NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR NON-WAHOO-BRANDED PRODUCTS.
  2. Non-Wahoo Fitness products, including those sold in bundles with Wahoo-branded products, are covered by warranties (if any) provided by the manufacturers of those products. Your remedy for any defects in non-Wahoo-branded products is based on any warranties provided by those manufacturers, even if Wahoo Fitness Customer Support facilitates the support for and/or return of those items.