On-road and Off-Road, ELEMNT ROAM Turn-by-Turn Guidance

ROAM Improves On Device Routing for MTB Project, Singletracks, and Strava!

Get out and explore more with expanded turn-by-turn directions for the ROAM!

With new on device Turn By Turn support, the ROAM bike computer now provides turn-by-turn route guidance for every routing app including Singletracks, MTB Project and Strava as well as every file type including GPX Files! Learn more with our answers to a few common questions:

What Is Turn-by-Turn Route Guidance?

Turn-by-turn guidance is similar to the navigation in Waze and Google Maps. While you are riding on a route, ROAM provides on-screen notifications including the name of your turns and it flashes LEDs indicating the direction to turn. You can view your path in an overhead map view and you can also see written turn-by-instructions on a separate data screen.

What Is a GPX File?

A GPX (GPS eXchange format) file is a universal file type that includes GPS coordinates and routing information that can be easily exported and shared from third-party software. It works on a wide range of devices and apps and is openable in any text editor. GPX file sizes tend to range from 100-500 kilobytes and can be uploaded to the ROAM in a few seconds. The ROAM can store hundreds of GPX files at any given time. With this update, the ROAM’s onboard navigation now takes the information found in a GPX file and converts them into turn-by-turn instructions.

How Do I Upload a Route to My Phone?

  1. Locate or build a route in Strava, RideWithGPS, Komoot or any of the other supported route navigation apps.
  2. Authorize and sync your ELEMNT Companion App to access the third-party software.
  3. Turn on your ELEMNT ROAM and pair it with your companion app.
  4. Pair your ELEMNT ROAM to wifi via the companion app.
  5. Press PAGE on the ELEMNT ROAM until the map page is displayed.
  6. Press ROUTE while on the map page to choose a route.
  7. Press SYNC to begin downloading your routes to the ELEMNT ROAM
  8. Select the route you wish to ride from the Routes page on the ELEMNT ROAM.
  9. Enjoy new turn-by-turn instructions without having to do anything else.

How Do I Install This Update?

Firmware updates are installed automatically when the ROAM is connected to WiFi. If you’re still having trouble, check this link to learn how to manually update your ROAM.

What Third-Party Apps Work with This Update?

All third-party apps that export GPX or TCX files will work with this update. Almost all routing programs including Strava, Single Tracks, MTB Project, Ride With GPS, Komoot, and the ELEMNT companion app will work.

Learn more about the New ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer.

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