How To Expand Your Ride with ELEMNT ROAM Smart Navigation

Break free and discover new roads, paths, and trails with the new ELEMNT ROAM’s onboard Smart Navigation and an easy-to-read color display. With these new features, there is no excuse not to arrive home with a story to tell.

Make the most of your ELEMNT ROAM by using these Smart Navigation features:

Navigation to the Start of Your Route

Select a route that starts within riding distance of you, and the ROAM will automatically give you directions to the start of your desired route. Do this by:

  • Select a route from your synched routes on the Map Page
  • Select “Yes” when asked to “Route to Start”
  • Start your ride by following the blue chevrons. You are on your selected route once the Chevrons turn black.

Tip: Use this when traveling in an unfamiliar place and getting to the start of a group ride or solo ride. We have all been there, sometimes just getting to the ride can be the most difficult part of the ride.

If You Miss a Turn

The ELEMNT ROAM will bring you back on track with smart navigation that guides you back to your chosen route as efficiently as possible if you take a wrong turn. Do this by:

  • Go off route.
  • Follow the blue chevrons until you are back on your desired route.

Tip: This is useful when exploring on a whim and you want to keep a good reference to where you are in relation to your original route. Explore but know how to get out of there.

Add a New Destination

With the ELEMNT ROAM, you can add new destinations without having to pull out your phone. You can reroute to previously saved points or any spot you pick on the map. If you need to end your ride early, you can select “Retrace to Start” or “Route to Start” and the ROAM will either reverse your current route or create a new bike-friendly route to get you back to your starting location. Do this by:

  • Select “Route” from the Map Page
  • Scroll down and select “Take Me Too” then select from a list of saved locations or “Location On Map” where you will then be able to scroll and pan the “target” to your desired destination. Returning to the start of your ride is equally as simple:
  • Select “Route” from the Map Page
  • Select “Retrace to Start” or “Route to Start”
  • Follow the black chevrons to your the starting location of your ride.

Tip: Saved locations are great for accessing your favorite spots. This could be a coffee house, water stop or that vista you found on that one ride and want to be sure you know how to get back.

Let Color Be Your Guide


In map mode, your route is defined by black chevrons. If it’s rerouting you, the arrows will turn blue on the map. Strava segments will show up as unique colors to indicate different segments. Destinations are displayed as brightly colored dots. Main roads and bodies of water will also stand out with their own defining colors.

Routes Optimized for Your Bike

Set up your bike as Mountain Bike or Road bike in the settings menu and the ELEMNT ROAM will use smart navigation to route you to trails that are appropriate for your bike. This is navigation made with cyclists in mind. It won’t guide you down a single track trail if you’re on a road bike. Do this by:

  • Select “Route” from the map page
  • Scroll down and select “Routing Options…”
  • Select the bike you intend to ride, then all Auto- Rerouting and Route to Start Smart Navigation will put you roads, trails, and paths that are perfect for your bike set up.

Tip: Should I bring the aero road bike, the gravel bike or the mountain bike? The bike often defines the type of ride we are looking for. Use this feature to ensure that each of your rides is optimized for your desired type of riding.

The ELEMNT ROAM includes some helpful navigation tools that were originally included on the ELEMNT and the ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computers. These have included the use of LED lights for notifications and route navigation, Live Tracking,


Stay on Track with LED Turn Indicators

LED indicators will make it easier to notice upcoming turns by flashing and directing you to turn as you approach intersections on route.

Turn this on by:

  • Opening the ELEMNT Companion app on your mobile device
  • Select the “Settings” tab
  • Select “LEDs and Sound” then toggle on the top LED’s to use for Turn- by- Turn. Tip: Use the LED’s as visual cues for what is upcoming on the route but also toggle on Turn- by- Turn notifications using Sound. This will make sure you never miss an update. But don’t worry, you have Auto Rerouting built into your device so missing a turn is not the end of the world.

Live Tracking 

Enable live-tracking in the ELEMNT Companion app and a link with your location will be viewable by sharing it automatically, forever or a link that is active until the end of the day.

Tip: The most popular way to share your location is with the “share automatically” option as you can select to share the tracking link with your social followers on Facebook or Twitter and can add individual people using their email address. Now your friends and loved ones can cheer you on while you are burying yourself trying to snag that gravel KOM.

If you’re riding in a group and have the “See others” toggled on then you’ll be able to see how far ahead you are of your friends.  Also, it will give you the opportunity to make new friends with other Wahoo users. Say hi as you ride by!

With Smart Navigation on the ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer, you can explore to your hearts’ delight and always know how to get home. The journey is half the fun so take a “wrong” turn, go off the beaten path and arrive home with a story to tell. ROAM, Built for the Ride.

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