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The most comprehensive way to a faster, fitter, stronger you.

Hincapie Gran Fondo Lifeplus Wahoo Gran Fondo National Series SBT GRVL
Hincapie Gran Fondo Lifeplus Wahoo Gran Fondo National Series SBT GRVL

Go all in. And out.

Unlimited access to indoor and outdoor workouts, designed by world-class coaches. Anytime, anywhere. With or without equipment.

Robust, holistic workout library

  • Workouts for all athletes.

  • Tailored to your fitness level.

  • Variety of engaging content across cycling, yoga, strength and more

The most complete training software.

Train anywhere, anytime, tailored to your unique goals.

  • Available across all platforms and devices.

  • Download for offline access.

  • Send to ELEMNT bike computers.

The most complete training software.

Sports science backed workouts, trusted by professional athletes.

  • Go beyond FTP with 4DP® fitness profile.

  • Workouts and training plans developed by world-class coaches.

The most complete training software.
  • New Wahoo Member

    "I’m loving the workouts and they seem to be tailored to my fitness level. I’m certainly seeing an improvement in my fitness without too much stress. I seem to be recovering quite well which for me is very important. So far so bloody good."

  • Wahoo X Member

    "I’m completely new to cycling and finding the time to ride outdoors has been difficult as of late due to work and whatnot… I’ve got to say that this has been awesome! The whole video/audio experience has been so great, I haven’t needed to play my music while riding except for a couple of sessions designed to have neither, and of course, the funny Read more about review stating I'm digging this!"

  • Wahoo X Member

    "Really impressed with the entire package. The entire range of SUFFERFEST cycling videos is available, along with lots of additional training videos. All completely interactive with suitable Turbo Trainer. Having suffered with a slipped disc for years, also really benefitted from the Yoga videos. The strength videos can be done anywhere as they require little / no equipment. As an all in one fitness package, can't fault it and very good value!"

  • Wahoo X Member

    "A great way to build up fitness if you cannot ride physically during the week. Keeps you up to speed for those weekend rides."

  • Wahoo X Member

    "I have been doing regular strength training but wanted to do more cardio. I found I wasn’t getting out out on my bike so took the plunge, bought the Wahoo Kickr and subscribed to Wahoo X. What an amazing product. I am hooked already. I have more science and know how at my disposal than I will ever need and I really enjoy the workouts. I am very happy to recommend for all levels of ability."

  • Wahoo X Member

    "Hands down the best tool for the money. Training indoors while watching a graph is very difficult for me. Wahoo makes the suffering somehow more enjoyable. I also have gotten great results. I switched from a full time coach to just using Wahoo X and over 6 months my ftp went up 25watts."

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Create a Wahoo Account and activate your 14 day free trial to Wahoo X

2. Download

Download the apps to your desktop, iOS or Android device

3. Connect

Connect your trainer, smart bike or power meter to SYSTM.

4. Ride

Enjoy unlimited access to Wahoo SYSTM library of workouts and training plans.

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Best value
$149 USD /year

$39.88 savings compared to a monthly membership

  1. Unlimited access to indoor and outdoor workouts on Wahoo SYSTM.

  2. Ride virtual roads and simulated races from iconic cycling destinations from around the globe.

  3. Train with Wahoo Sports Science backed workouts and plans.

  4. Race the World Tour peloton or watch cycling focused films and documentaries as recovery rides.

  5. Complete challenges and fill up your trophy case.

Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenges are designed to give you small, achievable goals to get you moving, both on and off the bike.


What is Wahoo X?

Wahoo X is Wahoo's membership program for Wahoo SYSTM, offering a complete training solution for cyclists. Wahoo SYSTM provides a comprehensive collection of structured workouts and training plans, tailored towards your fitness objectives. SYSTM is more than virtual rides. Behind every turn, climb and sprint lies a workout designed by world-class coaches to help you achieve results faster.Using cutting-edge sports science to automatically tailor your workouts to your 4DP® profile, SYSTM workouts and plans are designed to get results by taking the guesswork out of training. The most comprehensive way to a faster, fitter, stronger you.

How much does it cost?

Wahoo X Membership costs $14.99 USD per month or $149 USD annually. App store pricing may vary.

Which devices and OS are supported?

Wahoo SYSTM can be used on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices.

What equipment is required?

To get the most from your Wahoo X membership you need a bike trainer or smart bike, plus a smartphone, tablet or computer to run the software. Refer to our in-depth articles for more specific equipment guidance: Wahoo SYSTM.

Can I share it with my family?

Each user will need their own account for Wahoo X to get accurate workout history and progress analysis.