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There have been many options for multisport watches that have surfaced throughout the years. Most of these watches offer what you’d expect: a lap timer for the swim, a computer for the bike, and a GPS unit for the run. When combined, these features seem to compile the complete package for any multisport athlete. The problem is, one key feature was missing: continuous data synchronization. During a brick workout or a race, your brain is on auto-pilot like it should be. You are focusing on the event and the processes necessary to reach your goals. You are not thinking about the technology capturing your data. The problem is, if you do not switch to different event modes, then the watch features become irrelevant. If your watch is still recording swim distance when you need to see bike power then what do you do?

The ELEMNT RIVAL combines all of the features you need and then some. Taking headlines is Touchless Transition, a feature that does exactly what the title implies, allowing you to transition from one event to another without ever touching the watch. Triathlon is one sport comprising three disciplines, you do not take breaks, and neither should your equipment.

Upon receiving the RIVAL we can help break down simple user steps to help set-up the watch as well as when to use the Touchless Transition feature.

Touchless Transition is an industry-first feature that is the hallmark for the ELEMNT RIVAL. Touchless Transition automatically calculates transitions by the watch so that athletes only need to hit the start/stop button twice during a race or training session. This feature works when the RIVAL is placed in the Triathlon workout profile. Triathlon workout mode is automatically turned on for the RIVAL by default.

Touchless Transition – How does it work?

When using Touchless Transition athletes only need to focus on two things: 

  1. Press the start button when the activity begins 
  2. Press the stop button when the activity ends 

It is that simple; as it should be. The RIVAL uses a combination of sensors within the watch including an accelerometer, barometer, and a proprietary algorithm that determines which activity you are performing and transitions you through the different legs. 

Touchless Transition – How to use:

The Triathlon workout profile on ELEMNT RIVAL has Touchless Transitions turned on by default, meaning no work for you to do! 

One step is required by RIVAL users if using the multisport watch in conjunction with any of the ELEMNT bike computers. Users will need to sync their devices in the ELEMNT companion app to utilize the Multisport Handover feature.

If you are not using an ELEMNT bike computer, then proceed along as normal. After you have completed your event, save the data. One of the great features of Touchless Transition is that users are able to edit any of the data collected in the Wahoo ELEMNT app after the activity if needed. In the companion app you will be able to see when the RIVAL started/stopped each activity: swim, T1, bike, T2, and run. If for any reason there was an overlap in time, you can adjust the timing within the app and save the new data. Easy as that!

Multisport Handover – What is it?

The great part of the Wahoo RIVAL is that it works harmoniously with the ELEMNT ecosystem. Another feature of the RIVAL that utilizes this synchronization is the Multisport Handover. This feature allows you to seamlessly connect and display relevant bike data during your race or brick workout from your ELEMNT RIVAL. For example, when transitioning from swim to bike, or multi-brick bike to run workouts, you can simply look at your bike computer to watch and view the data you need. No more looking at your wrist when the goal is to keep your eyes straight ahead. All of your workout or race data is displayed on the ELEMNT bike computer screen while riding and then back to the RIVAL when you begin your run making relevant data available where you need it and never getting in the way of your performance.

Multisport Handover – How to use:

As is customary with all devices in the Wahoo ecosystem, Multisport Handover was designed with the athlete in mind. What does that mean? We focused this feature around ease and simplicity of use so you can focus on what is important. 

  • Pair your RIVAL and ELEMNT bike computer to the same account in the ELEMNT Companion App. 
  • The RIVAL and ELEMNT bike computer will know automatically that the other exists within the same family and will be ready to sync and use. 
  • Prior to beginning the multisport activity, place the ELEMNT bike computer to “Multisport Mode” and leave the computer on the bike. (AKA no more worrying about your computer shutting off or falling asleep when you are in the swim!)
  • Upon arriving at your bike, the ELEMNT computer will automatically connect to the RIVAL and begin to show the relevant bike data. Fear not, your RIVAL will still be recording all of the bike data as well, but using your bike computer will make it more user friendly

Whatever your next event or big workout may be you want to nail it, let Wahoo help you along the way. 


  1. Junmo Park
    21 April 2021

    Please add timer and stopwatch functions.

  2. Anthony Pelosi
    19 July 2021

    Does RIVAL support SwimRun? It’s a new sport which alternates between running and swimming with no transitions – shoes on in the water? If not, software update? Once supported, I’m sold!

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