What is the SYSTM Training App?

Since the beginning, Wahoo has been at the front of the pack when it comes to creating powerful, intuitive devices that help you get the most out of your training. From our flagship KICKR series of smart trainers to the feature-packed ELEMNT cycling computers and RIVAL multisport GPS watch. Now we’ve turned our experience and the collective expertise of the Wahoo Sports Science Division towards creating groundbreaking new training software that will help you unlock your potential as an athlete and take your performance to the next level. 

Introducing Wahoo SYSTM: the most comprehensive, effective, and engaging training platform available for endurance athletes. 

What Is SYSTM?

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the Wahoo ecosystem, SYSTM is a complete training platform for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. SYSTM gives you everything you need to reach your goals, including a robust library of structured workouts designed by elite coaches, strength training, yoga, and mental training, all integrated into easy-to-follow training plans for cycling and multisport. 

Be Part of the Action

Staying on track means staying motivated. SYSTM makes training indoors engaging and immersive with a diverse workout library featuring 7 different content channels. Put yourself in the middle of the action with workouts from The Sufferfest and ProRides channels, featuring officially-licensed footage from races like the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, Spring Classics and more. Train alongside Wahoo athletes in the A Week With series, go On Location to ride the world’s most iconic routes, or get inspired with the Inspiration series of cycling-focused documentaries paired to base / recovery sessions. You can even join your favorite GCN presenters for a killer GCN Training session. The SYSTM NoVid sessions are workouts without associated videos, allowing you to just focus on your targets or watch your own content while you get stronger.

Everything You Need in One App

Getting fast isn’t just about training on the bike. To unlock your potential as an athlete you need a comprehensive approach. Your subscription to SYSTM includes a library of 15-minute yoga sessions designed specifically for endurance athletes, a bodyweight-based strength training program, and a 10-week mental training program to help you turn your mind into your secret weapon. You can add cross-training to any training plan using the intuitive SYSTM Plan Builder, which allows you to customize easy-to-follow training plans for road, triathlon / multisport, cyclocross, gravel, MTB, and eSports. 

Be More With Four-Dimensional Power (4DP®)

Other training apps base power targets just as a percentage of your sustained power (FTP). But cycling isn’t just about long, sustained efforts. It’s about attacks and surges, sprints and breakaways. It’s about being able to go hard, recover, and hit it again. Two people can have the exact same FTP but very different abilities when it comes to sprinting, attacking, or tackling punchy climbs. Power targets based just on your FTP can result in workouts that are either too easy or too difficult to produce the desired fitness gains.

The SYSTM Four-Dimensional Power™️ platform (4DP™️) goes beyond FTP, using a comprehensive fitness test to measure how you produce power across a range of intensities and give you unprecedented insight into who you are as an athlete. Based upon your results, SYSTM assigns you a Rider Type, generates your complete 4DP power profile, and then tailors all of the power targets in your workouts to match your unique fitness level. You’ll work at the exact intensity necessary to keep progressing, without wasting a single pedal stroke.

The Science of Success

Workouts and training plans are only as good as the coach who designs them and the sports science behind them. The Wahoo Sports Science Division, led by world-renowned coach Neal Henderson, brings the most advanced sports science to every workout and training plan in SYSTM. Coach Neal has trained dozens of national champions, world champions, World Tour pros and Olympians; including Rohan Dennis, Kasia Niewiadoma, Taylor Phinney, Flora Duffy, and Cam Dye—just to name a few. He also holds the distinction of having coached both Rohan Dennis and Evelyn Stevens to successful UCI world hour record attempts. This isn’t a game, this is cutting-edge sports science that gets results.

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    Please can you develop the app to be available on Apple TV devices

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