During my childhood growing up in the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon with the examples of my marathon-running mother and triathlete father, I fostered a deep love for endurance sports, and especially, cycling. At the age of 21, I moved to Nice, France to join Team Sky and pursue my dream of racing as a professional road cyclist. Over the last decade, I followed my heart and childhood dream, and through countless miles and sacrifices made it the highest level of the sport, racing in all three grand tours. Racing has been my education, ticket to travel and learn, and has opened up a network of friends that spans the globe. With so many good memories and friends to support me, it's time to explore something new.


As I transition into the next phase of my life and my career racing gravel for Wahoo, I still feel that strong desire to be a world class athlete and a competitor in every event I attend. Basing my training from my home in Peacham, Vermont, I am eager to engage with the wider community of endurance athletes who share the same hunger to face challenges and appreciate new adventures in cycling. Focusing my passion for the sport of cycling on racing in new frontiers will only offer me additional perspective on this sport. I'll be soaking up knowledge from experts within the world of gravel racing during this new odyssey for me.


Sarah True

Sarah True has been at the top end of the triathlon for years. Sarah has represented the US at the 2012 and 2016 summer Olympics. She made the jump to long course triathlon in 2018 and has been focused on Ironman races since. Sarah has had some set backs over the years but after each set back she has come back with a resiliency and work ethic that is unmatched. Each time, Sarah reinvents herself, challenging her own expectations and redefining what it means to be an athlete. The end is not the goal for Sarah, the process is.

Colin Strickland

Colin Strickland has been at the winning game for some time now. He's won multiple Red Hook Crits, Dirty Kanza 200, The Rift, and multiple Gravel Worlds. He most recently passed on an opportunity to race at the highest level of cycling, the World Tour road racing calendar to stick to what he loves, the adventure and the gravel racing community. Colin won the 2019 edition of the Dirty Kanza 200 race by making a bold move with 125 miles to go in the race. He rode away from the competition and went on to break the ten-hour record time at the race. Colin makes his own way and rides to his own passions and goals. He is a Wahooligan all the way to the core with the grit and determination needed to make each race his best.

Heather Jackson

Three-time Wildflower Triathlon Champion and Ironman World Championship Podium finisher, Heather Jackson, is a tough competitor with no patience for excuses. She turned pro at the end of 2009, and through hard work and her aggressive racing style established herself as a competitor to be taken seriously. In 2020 Heather Jackson will be mixing up her training and racing to include gravel racing. Heather will be racing Belgian Waffle Ride, Dirty Kanza 200 and Steamboat Springs Gravel. Gravel racing provides Heather with an opportunity to compete but more importantly connect with others while taking on challenges that bring out the best in all of us. All of this and Ironman races as Heather has already qualified for Ironman World Championships in October. Heather is breaking new ground by racing both gravel and triathlon this year.

Pete Stetina

Pete Stetina specializes as a climber & mountain domestique. He has assisted with many major victories, including the 2012 Giro d'Italia. At the Volta al Pais Vasco in 2015, Peter suffered a terrible crash; shattering his patella, fracturing his tibia, & breaking 5 ribs. He demonstrated his incredible recovery in 2016 with 2nd place on the Gibraltar Road climb in Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California and finishing the Tour de France. Pete makes a shift in 2020 to gravel racing full time after a successful 2019 season in which he balanced both gravel racing and World Tour racing. He is the defending champion at Belgian Waffle Ride and podium finisher at Dirty Kanza 200.

Amity Rockwell

Amity Rockwell was a runner growing up and through college. She raced ultra-distance trail races that over time left her with nagging injuries. Amity picked up the sport of cycling during a brief break from running. Becoming a cyclist was an accident but finding her way to gravel racing was Amity following her heart which desired more from her time racing a bike. Amity wanted to have an experience, to set out and ride hard, see new places and enjoy time spent with the competition. After mechanicals in the 2018 edition of DK200 Amity came back to the race in 2019 after winning the legendary Grasshopper Sweetwater race, finishing fourth at Land Run and putting in countless hours exploring her home of Northern California. Amity trains her own way, races to her strengths and finds the experience in each to be the best part of the journey.

Sarah Sturm

Last year was a breakout year for Sarah Sturm. Some have even said that Sarah is the next big thing in gravel. She toed the line at Belgian Waffle Ride in May with very little expectations as the distance of 130 plus miles would be the longest ride she had ever taken on. She won! Not only did she win but she won by over 13 minutes. Rewind one month to Sea Otter where she entered the pro women’s road criterium on her gravel bike. She won! Sarah went on to place second in her first Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race in August and defended her US national single speed title at cyclocross nationals late in the year. Sarah is a dynamic rider who takes on challenges to see what she is capable of, to test her own limits, to explore the unknown and to inspire others. You will not meet another person who smiles more or is as stoked to be on her bike than Sarah.