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Meet RPM Cadence

BLE/ANT+ Cycling Cadence Sensor

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Send cruical cycling data straight to Zwift and Strava

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Why Sensors? Wahoo Cycling Sensors

Wahoo Cycling Sensors

We've got a sensor to fit your cycling data needs. Here's the nitty gritty to help you choose your weapon.

Features BLUE SC RPM Speed RPM Cadence
Dual Band Technology (Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+) X X X
Wireless Connection X X X
Speed Measurement X X
Cadence Measurement X X
Bike Mount Option X X X
Shoe Mount Option X
Visible Connection X X X
Universal Fit X X X
Magnet Free X X
Waterproof X X X
Replaceable Battery X X X

Works with Apps

No need to choose between using your favorite app or getting data from Wahoo products. Our sensors work with popular apps.

Ride with GPS
Wahoo Fitness
Cyclemeter GPS
Map My Ride
Strava Running and Cycling
Map My Fitness


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"Overall the Wahoo Blue SC has become essential to tracking my rides..."
- Engadget