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iPhone Applications

Wahoo Fitness provides hardware to make activity measurements more economical, accurate and effective. Each of our sensors are leaders in their category for durability and efficacy and when paired with Wahoo Key for use with your existing iPhone or iPod Touch, the package is unrivaled for value and convenience.

But how is all this information displayed, stored, graphed, managed,…? We’re glad you asked. We have partnered with many of the leading fitness App developers to incorporate the information obtained from our sensors into your favorite Apps. In fact, if you currently exercise with your iPhone or iPod Touch, there is a good chance the software you currently use will support the fisica when it is available in June. As you already probably know, the iPhone, and all smart phones for that matter, are wonderful fitness information display devices that cannot be rivaled by standalone fitness information readers for…

  • multifunction capability – aside from workout information, a smart phone can provide phone access for emergencies or other needs, music and high quality GPS functionality… all in one small unit
  • processing power – the computational power of a smart phone is generally many times that of dedicated fitness information readers
  • program navigation – most smart phones are equipped with easy to use touch screens and intuitive, well-known navigation methods and, most importantly, large, high resolution displays
  • economy – smart phones are a better value than dedicated fitness information readers for two reasons: 1) the high volume and competition and 2) you probably already have one!
  • memory storage capacity – smart phones generally have ample storage for whatever fitness information you want to keep and can access the internet for basically unlimited access and functionality
  • ease of internet upload – smart phones make it seamless to transfer your workout information to the Web

Most importantly, you get to choose how to see and manage your information – there are a wide variety of fitness Apps and programs available that offer information tailored specifically to your needs – from the most casual runner to the professional athlete. In other words, you aren’t tied to the limitations of a proprietary display device, paired to a proprietary sensor with information stored on a proprietary Web database
The fitness Apps available today far exceed anything available on a proprietary platform and they get better each day as developers add features and new Apps appear. By decoupling sensors from proprietary display devices, as the Wahoo Key does, athletes can measure their performance in a way that is more suitable to their interests.

As Apps receive approval from Apple for release with support for our system, they will show under the Apps page of our website.
App developers who wish to receive the Wahoo Fitness API and development kit can do so by signing up below!

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