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Wahoo Utility

Wahoo Utility allows you to test your ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart sensors and discover new apps that support the Wahoo Fitness range of fitness hardware.

Product Information

Product Information

The Wahoo Key enables your iOS device to connect to any Wahoo Fitness sensors, as well as any wireless sensors that conform to the ANT+ standard.*

*Third party sensors, although technically compatible, have not been tested or verified by Wahoo Fitness and the accuracy of the data produced may not be as precise as those of Wahoo Fitness sensors.


This product is designed for use with 30 pin iOS devices i.e. iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4s, iPad (1st-3rd gen), and iPod touch.

NOTE: Newer devices i.e. iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 3rd gen and newer, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPod 5th gen require a 30 pin to lightning adapter prior to use in order to be compatible.

The Wahoo KICKR is compatible or adaptable with almost all bike styles and types. Exclusions may include various single speed bikes, track bikes, recumbent bikes and through-axle bikes (12x142mm through-axles can be adapted, other sizes cannot). Contact Support ifyou’re not sure if your bike is compatible or able to be adapted.

This product is shipped with the following:

  • Wahoo Key


This setup guide is intended to assist with pairing your sensor to the Wahoo Fitness app via the Wahoo Key.

How to Pair your Sensor via the Wahoo Key to the Wahoo Fitness App:

  1. Download the Wahoo Fitness app from the App Store.
  2. Open the Wahoo Fitness app.
  3. Insert the Wahoo Key securely into the 30 pin connector at the bottom of your device.
  4. Wake up the sensor you wish to have the Wahoo Key pair with the Wahoo Fitness app. Make sure the sensor is within 5’ (1.5m) of the Wahoo Key.
  5. Select “Sensors” in the bottom left corner.
  6. Select “Add New Sensor”.
  7. Choose your sensor from the list of available sensors.
  8. Once certain you are connected to the correct sensor, select “Save Sensor”.
  9. Choose the workout profiles you would like your sensor to be active for (ex. Cycling).
  10. Select “Done” to complete the pairing & workout selection process.
  11. Select “Done” in the top left hand corner to exit the Sensors menu.

Your sensor is now set up and ready for action. To use your sensor, start a workout with one of the profiles you paired it with. The Wahoo Fitness app will remember this pairing in the future. You simply need to wake up your sensor and start a new workout to begin recording data!

NOTE: You will need a 30 pin to lightning adapter if using on newer iOS devices not equipped with the 30 pin port. Sensors connecting via ANT+ will have a ANT+ icon displayed next to the device type.

Workout Basics

Workout Basics

For more information: Please refer to the instructions page for the Wahoo Fitness app or the Wahoo sensor device you are using with the Wahoo Key.


Each App connects to sensors a little differently. Open the compatible App you'd like to use and find the settings. Look for "connect to sensor" or another similar option. You must connect each sensor separately for each App you use.



My device isn’t registering the Wahoo Key:

  1. Try cleaning the device:
  2. Dust, lint or other debris may collect in the 30 pin connector & is the most common cause for issues with the Wahoo Key. Canned air or a flat style toothpick may be used with care to clean the 30 pin connector.
  3. Test the device using the Wahoo Utility App:
    1. Download the Wahoo Fitness Utility App from the App Store.
    2. Insert the Wahoo Key securely into the 30 pin connector at bottom of iOS device.
    3. Open the Wahoo Fitness Utility App.
    4. Select “Test ANT+ Sensors”.
    5. Select the sensor you would like to pair with the iOS device. Make sure the sensor is within 5' (1.5m) of the Wahoo Key. Since most ANT+ sensors 'sleep' when not in use, you may have to 'awaken' it- for example, a stride sensor can be activated by taking a few steps.
    6. The Wahoo Utility should now connect to your sensor & display information regarding sensor data, signal strength and serial number to confirm connectivity.
    7. Close the Wahoo Utility app to disconnect the test pairing.
  4. Try using the Wahoo Key with a different iOS device to make sure the device itself is not the issue.

Still having trouble? Contact support for more information. If you use the Settings>Info+Help>Send support email function from within the Wahoo Fitness app it will attach a log with your query to better help us answer your questions.

Design Specifications:

  • Wireless ANT+ AP2 ultra low power
  • 2.4 GHz ISM band operation
  • Weight: 0.12 ounces (3.5 grams)
  • Color: Black
  • Signal Strength: Up to 10 feet (3 m)