KICKR BIKE: How to Use the Smart Fit System

An indoor smart bike with a world-leading realism, blurring the line between virtual and reality. The KICKR BIKE is designed to fit your body like your outdoor bike. 

Made with maximum comfort and performance in mind, the KICKR BIKE has five points of adjustment – standover height, saddle height, setback, reach and stack height. Its quick-release system also makes it easy to change settings for different users or situations. 

But what settings do I use?

The KICKR BIKE FIT wizard in the Wahoo Fitness App gives you three ways to calculate the best fit—you can import professional settings from a bike fitting, use a picture of your bike or use your body and bike measurements. 

Open your Wahoo Fitness app.  You can find the Setup wizard option when you first install and sign in or by going to the Settings tab and then the Info + Help section. Once you’re in the Setup Wizard, select KICKR BIKE.

From there, the Fit Wizard provides you with three different ways of determining your fit settings. 

For the Most Accurate Fit — Import a GURU, RETÜL, or Trek bike fitting report – Visit a bike shop that has one of these systems and get a bike fitting report. Enter the values from your report in the app and it will calculate the settings for your KICKR BIKE.

For a Somewhat Accurate Fit – Use the FIT feature in the Wahoo fitness app – Put your bike up against a wall upright and take pictures of it from the side using the app. Follow the in-app instructions to take pictures of the saddle height, where the stem meets the handlebars, front hub, bottom bracket, and rear hub. You’ll also be asked to input the wheelbase measurement from your outdoor bike and the crank arm length.

For a Less Accurate Fit – Input your body’s measurements — Measure your height and inseam and select your desired body position while riding  –  either race, endurance, or relaxed.

Start with the recommended settings and then feel free to adjust them to meet your comfort. If you ever want to switch back to the initial settings, you’ll find them stored on your profile page in the Wahoo Fitness App.

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  1. Patrick
    23 May 2021

    Having setup based on my road bike fit, how can I use the fit wizard to get settings for my tri bike

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