Canyon SRAM Racing

Canyon SRAM Racing


The Canyon//SRAM Racing team is a newly formed team competing at the sport’s highest level in the inaugural UCI Women’s WorldTour. This is a powerful team built from the world’s best, experienced riders, and new talent ready to take on the women’s peloton. This diverse team includes riders from America, Australia, Germany, Belarus, and Italy and is respected as a top squad. Wahoo Fitness is proud to support this team for a second season in 2017 as the official supplier of indoor bike trainers and heart rate monitors. The KICKR SNAP smart trainers and TICKR heart rate monitors will prove to be a vital part of the team’s training regimen.


KICKR SNAP Smart Trainer

Wahoo Fitness proudly supports the Canyon//SRAM team and provides KICKR SNAP Smart Trainers for use during the season.

With a wheel-on design, the KICKR SNAP is engineered to produce the most realistic wheel-on indoor riding experience. Convenience, stability and accurate power are all functions that are highly important for the Canyon//SRAM team's level of training.


TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

According to Canyon SRAM team coach Andreas Lang, although many cyclists rely on power meters to provide state of the art information in current times, the heart rate is still a very important factor to monitor and to measure the reaction of the body to strain. The measurement of heart rate gives interesting information about the physical strain in different situations. Resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, recovery heart rate and heart rate during exercising are the measured data which we use to help to analyze performance in cycling.

The Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor is a useful and easy to use tool to help analyzing performance on the bike and it's easy to connect to most common devices so it's our team's preferred choice.

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Q&A with the Canyon SRAM Team

Tiffany Cromwell (AUS)

Q: What benefits do you think the SNAP will bring to your team in 2016?

A: The SNAP will be really beneficial to utilise in our training at home if the weather is bad outside or if I'm looking to be able to do super specific high intensity efforts that replicate the conditions that I would face out on the road with the ideal resistance the SNAP can give me. It will be a really important warm up tool for our team too before and after races, especially time trials.

Q: How do you feel about training with the SNAP so far?

A: The SNAP has been great so far. I've only spent limited time on it but first impressions have been great. I like how smooth the roller is on the wheel and it really creates similar feelings to what we experience out on the roads.

Q: How do you think the SNAP trainer will help you in 2016?

A: The SNAP trainer will be a great tool for me to have at home for when my coach has ergo sessions in my training program that requires precise powers. Also for those rare few rain days I experience down in the South of France and need to still ride my bike but don't want to go outside.

Leah Thorvilson (USA)

Q: What benefits do you think the SNAP will bring to your team in 2017?

A: The Wahoo SNAP will help the team to stay in top form even for those of us who live in areas where conditions may be unsafe to get out on the roads, or if we need to be in a controlled environment as a precaution while recovering from injury. I also think it is a great way to help promote women's cycling using the SNAP on Zwift. People on Zwift love to see pros out riding and be able to share in a small part of our training. While virtual, it is closer than many of ever been to riding with a pro team, and it's pretty cool. (I speak from experience on the other side!)

Q: How do you feel about training with the SNAP so far, both with the team and with Zwift Academy?

A: I think the SNAP it a powerful fitness and motivational tool. I had never done any specific cycling workouts before Zwift Academy. It definitely improved my strength and power on the bike. Obviously there are aspects to being a good cyclist on the road that you can only improve by being on the road like taking a fast corner, or getting comfortable riding in a group, but using the SNAP for fitness is extremely effective and honestly it's fun!

Q: How do you think the SNAP trainer will help you in 2017?

A: I think the SNAP will help me to be able to fit in key sessions in a shorter time frame on days when I don't have hours to get outside, or when the roads are not safe (storms, ice, etc). It also gives me the ability to do sessions where the required power output is controlled by the trainer, and my job is simply to keep up. This is great for doing for doing intervals if I am unable to get to the necessary terrain, for example, Little Rock doesn't have any very long climbs. We have hills, but no mountains, and to get over a 10 minute interval or something requiring constant high power without undulation, I would have to drive an hour away from home. If I am unable to make the trip one day, I can get the effort in on my SNAP.

Alexis Ryan (USA)

I had never been so enthused to ride the trainer before the SNAP came along! Its advanced technology and Bluetooth compatibility with most training software has greatly improved my indoor riding experience. The Wahoo SNAP will provide a realistic ride experience when the harsh Dutch weather forces me indoors.


  • Lisa Brennauer, Germany
  • Trixi Worrack, Germany
  • Mieke Kröger, Germany
  • Alexis Ryan, USA
  • Tiffany Cromwell, Australia
  • Hannah Barnes, Great Britain
  • Barbara Guarischi, Italy
  • Elena Cecchini, Italy
  • Alena Amialiusik, Belarus
  • Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, France
  • Leah Thorvilson, USA

"CANYON//SRAM Racing will use the Wahoo SNAP as an innovative training tool to specifically prepare for the toughest races in the world. The SNAP provides a realistic experience that is close to riding on the road as possible. Riders will use it for home training with programs set by our team coach, before and after races, and of course as a vital part of their warm up for time trials. The Wahoo SNAP is easy to use with its wheel-on design, its power accuracy is second to none whether riders are sprinting or doing high cadence efforts. The Wahoo SNAP will be an important tool for our team’s performances in 2016."

Beth Duryea - Directeur Sportif