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7 Minute Workout Facebook Competition

That’s right, Wahooligans… we said competition! Time to get your game face on and show us what you’re made of. We all know you guys and gals have a competitive spirit!

We are challenging you, our Facebook fans, to go head to head with employees of Wahoo Fitness in the 7 Minute Workout for the next 6 weeks by posting a screenshot of your results from the app to our Facebook page.

Don’t follow Wahoo on Facebook? Well, now is the perfect time! Check out our Facebook page to enter and follow along with the competition.


Here’s all the nitty gritty!

Prize: One winner will receive a KICKR Power Trainer valued at over $1,000 USD! (Yes, you read that correctly).

Details For Entry: Wahoo Fitness will post one male and one female employee’s results for two different exercises from the 7 Minute Workout app at the beginning of each week on Facebook. You can enter by posting a screenshot of your results for the two specified exercises each week by Friday as a comment underneath the Wahoo employees’ results or as a post on the Wahoo Fitness Facebook wall. You must use a TICKRx with the 7 Minute Workout app to show the reps counted.

Contest Begins: June 8, 2015

Contest Ends: July 17, 2015

Choosing a Winner: The winner is the person with the highest total number of reps at the end of the contest. Only the two exercises specified each week would be counted towards your final total number of reps. The winner will be announced on or before July 24, 2015.

What are the benefits of doing short, intense workouts regularly? Read our FAQ on the 7 Minute Workout.

What more details on the competition. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Good luck!


Results from our Wahoo Team Members

Week 1

Week 1 Video


7 Minute Workout App


7 Minute Workout App

Week 2

Week 2 Video


Michelle 7 Minute Workout Challenge Week 2


Mike 7 Minute Workout Challenge Week 2

Week 3

Week 3 Video


7 Minute Workout Week 3 Taryn


7 Minute Workout Week 3 Doug

Week 4

Week 4 Video


7 Min App Challenge Stacy Week 4


7 Min App Challenge Craig Week 4

Wahoo Fitness Partners with Triathlete Diana Riesler for the 2015 Season

Wahoo is the official technology provider to the 2014 Ironman Malaysia Winner



Wahoo Fitness, the leader in workout apps and smartphone connected fitness devices, is partnering with Diana Riesler for the 2015 season. Diana Riesler is the 2013 ETU Long Distance Champion and 2014 Ironman Malaysia Champion. As a 5 times Ironman podium and 2 times sub 9-hour finisher, Diana is one of the leading female long distance triathletes in the world and one of the fastest bike competitors on the circuit. She holds several bike course records.

Wahoo is proud to provide Diana with the cutting edge technology and performance metrics that enable her to monitor her athletic conditioning as she prepares for Top 10 at Ironman Hawaii 2015 and the podium at Challenge Roth 2015.

Through this world class sponsorship, Diana will train exclusively on a Wahoo KICKR Indoor Power Trainer, a TICKR X Workout Tracker and a Blue SC Speed & Cadence Sensor. Diana was born in Jena, Germany, and is coached by Jo Spindler as a member of professional triathlon team TeamTRIPEP. More info about Diana: www.diana-riesler.com and at her blog www.velomotion.de as well as her team’s website: www.team-tripep.com

After recently placing Top-5 at the Ironman South African Championship and setting another bike course record with a superb 5:16h bike split, Diana had great things to say about Wahoo’s product line:

“I am very happy to officially be partnering with Wahoo and the continued use of their state-of-the-art, innovative products. I love the KICKR which is simply the most advanced turbo trainer I’ve ever ridden. And Wahoo’s easy to use speed, cadence and heart rate devices make life a lot easier.”

“Challenging indoor sessions on a turbo trainer are a substantial part of Diana’s training program,” said coach, Jo Spindler. “There’s no question in my mind that the Wahoo KICKR trainer will give Diana another competitive edge in her already exceptional racing. Wahoo’s KICKR, TICKR X and Blue SC are the perfect devices to accurately monitor and analyze Diana’s training progress.”

“Wahoo loves to see our technology in the hands of the world’s top athletes,” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “We designed our hardware and software to provide the very best training experience, be it power based workouts on the KICKR indoor trainer or heart rate training regimes using the TICKR X workout tracker. We wish Diana the best of luck in 2015.”



Wahoo Fitness Integration with Apple Watch

Wahoo Fitness, the leader in workout apps and smartphone connected devices, has a variety of integrations with the Apple Watch.

First up is the TICKR X Workout Tracker and the 7 Minute Workout App with the Apple Watch. Wahoo’s 7 Minute Workout App can be activated on the Watch and users can then complete the full workout with audio and on-screen prompts guiding the way. The TICKR X connects to the Watch via the 7 Minute Workout App. It must initially be synced via the 7 Minute app on your iPhone. Once paired, users will also see reps automatically counted during the workout and heart rate displayed on the Watch. When using your TICKR X with the 7 Minute Workout App, your iPhone must be nearby for rep counting and heart rate to be transmitted.

7 Minute Apple Watch

Secondly, Wahoo’s line of TICKR heart rate monitors (TICKR, TICKR Run, and TICKR X) can connect directly to the Apple Watch and used in the Workout app as an alternative method for collecting heart rate data. According to Apple Support, “to pair an external heart rate monitor with your Apple Watch, tap the Settings app on the Home screen, then tap Bluetooth and select it under Health Devices.” The only data available via this connection is heart rate. Apple also recommends keeping your iPhone nearby for the Workout app in order to get the best measurement.


“Wahoo Fitness was the first company to bring heart rate training to the iPhone with our entire line of sensors we are excited to continue bridging the gap between iOS devices and fitness”, says Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “With so many people using their iPhone and now the Apple Watch to track fitness data, we’re focused on continuing to research and design products and apps that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.”

The 7 Minute Workout, first published in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal, consists of 12 bodyweight exercises, each performed for 30 seconds with a 10 second interval in between, and the only equipment required is a chair and a wall. The TICKR X pairs with the app via Bluetooth and prompts the user for each exercise, timing the effort and counting the reps before moving on to the next.

Data generated from the 7 Minute Workout, such as calories burned, can then be integrated into Apple’s HealthKit on the iPhone. The user simply selects what metrics to include from the 7 Minute Workout and the data contributes to the user’s 24-hour view of calories burned and intensity of the workout itself.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation on Wahoo RFLKT and RFLKT+ Bike Computers

Wahoo Fitness Partners with Ride with GPS

Wahoo Fitness, the leader in workout apps and smartphone connected devices, announced integration of the RFLKT and RFLKT+ Bike Computers with the Ride With GPS App. Cyclists can now access turn-by-turn directions through the app on RFLKT and RFLKT+, getting where they need to be safely and efficiently.

“The addition of the Ride With GPS App to RFLKT and RFLKT+ is a perfect example of how Wahoo Fitness products are constantly evolving to deliver rich experiences to users,” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness.

The Ride with GPS App allows cyclists to map their route along bike paths, streets and trails using an easy online route planner. In order to access turn-by-turn navigation on the RFLKT and RFLKT+ users must purchase a membership from Ride with GPS. Those who already own a RFLKT or RFLKT+ and anyone who purchases a new RFLKT or RFLKT+ will be given a free one-month membership!

RFLKT bike computer with turn by turn navigation


How to get your free one month membership?

All you need to do to get you one month free subscription is follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Download Ride With GPS app and create account
  2. Within the Ride With GPS app, go to Settings->App Settings->Set up Bluetooth devices
  3. Pair your RFLKT or RFLKT+ by following on screen prompts and accept on bottom right button of RFLKT
  4. Pop up will appear on your phone alerting you of your free month
  5. Plan your ride online at ridewithgps.com
  6. GO RIDE WITH TURN BY TURN NAVIGATION and never miss your next cue!

The RFLKT wirelessly receives all app data and ride info from the cyclists’ smartphone (iPhone 4S or Android 4.3 and newer) via Bluetooth Smart. Equipped with control buttons, cyclists can operate their favorite cycling app, toggle between screens, start/stop intervals and even control smartphone functionality such as music playback all from the RFLKT, while their smartphone remains safely in a jersey pocket or bike mounted compartment. RFLKT’s fully customizable screen allows users to decide which app data is most important to see. With 70% screen, the RFLKT has the highest screen to computer ratio in the market while its sleek profile and lowly 2 ounce weight, make it virtually unnoticeable when mounted, while the coin cell operated battery has a life of over one year and requires no charging.

The RFLKT+ has all of the same features as the RFLKT but connects wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ Bridge and allows cyclists to connect to all of their ANT+ sensors, regardless of brand. The RFLKT+ also provides accurate elevation data, percent grade and feet climbed via its built in barometric altimeter.

The RFLKT and RFLKT+ are available for $100 and $130 respectively at WahooFitness.com.

Introducing the Wahoo Fitness PLUGGR!

Meet the ultimate body tracker!



The Wahoo Fitness PLUGGR is the first ever Bluetooth 4.0 enabled suppository motion sensor. It can measure and track your heart rate, motion, body temperature, and digestive regularity.

Features include:

  • Health metrics sent directly to your smart phone via Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
  • Measure digestive health by tracking the frequency, severity, and composition of bowel movements. No more dehydration or constipation!
  • Vibration alerts and electrical stimulus for call, email, and text notification. Reduce the risk of your phone falling in the toilet on bathroom breaks!
  • Special “race mode” featuring BCU (bowel control unit) for pre-race load lightening and race emergency control response.

Buy the Wahoo PLUGGR today and enjoy full body tracking in a sleek, soft form.

POOPR_Squats POOPR_Run_bmx

APRIL FOOLS! If you still need an awesome workout tracker that is real, check out the Wahoo TICKRx.


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