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UCI Road World Championships

Our Wahooligan team had a great time hanging out at the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia last week. It was exciting to have the championship in the US (near Wahoo headquarters) for the first time since 1986 which meant that some of our wahooligans were able to get out there and enjoy the events! Team Sky was there and used the KICKR Power Trainer to warm up before each race.

Team Sky had a rough start with three riders suffering a heavy fall while on the Team Time Trial training ride. Danny Pate, Elia Viviani and Luke Rowe were injured at 60 kpm (approx. 37mph), but they all were cleared to ride with the team the next day pulling in at ninth place.

Vasil Kiryienka of Team Sky won the men’s time trial with a 9 second lead while riding for Belarus.

Check out some photos from the event below!

Team Sky KICKR

Team Sky warming up on the KICKR Power Trainer before the Team Time Trial at UCI Worlds.

Team Sky warming up on the KICKR

Team Sky warming up on the KICKR

Team Sky warming up on the KICKR

Team Sky warming up on the KICKR

Team Sky in the Mens TTT at the 2015 World Cycling Championships

Photo by: Graham Watson – Team Sky in the Mens TTT at the 2015 World Cycling Championships

World Championships - Mens TT

Photo by: Graham Watson – Vasil Kiryienka wins the men’s time trial.

Photo by: Graham Watson - Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) on the podium after winning the Mens TT at the 2015 UCI World Championships

Photo by: Graham Watson – Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) on the podium after winning the Mens TT at the 2015 UCI World Championships

Team Sky - Men's Elite Road Race

Team Sky – Men’s Elite Road Race

Team Sky - Men's Elite Road Race

Team Sky – Men’s Elite Road Race

Team Sky - Men's Elite Road Race

Team Sky – Men’s Elite Road Race

Team Sky - Men's Elite Road Race

Team Sky – Men’s Elite Road Race

Train like Team Sky with your own KICKR Power Trainer.

7 Minute Workout Competition Winner

Fitness App and Indoor Cycling


This summer we challenged all our wahooligans to get more reps than our Wahoo employees in a 6 week long 7 Minute Workout competition. Lanny was the lucky winner of a KICKR Power Trainer by doing two of the exercises each week from the app and beating our Wahoo employees in total number of reps.

Congrats Lanny!

Now that Lanny has had his KICKR for a few months, we wanted to see how he is enjoying his prize!

Q: How often do you use your KICKR?

A: I typically get 3-4 rides in per week using the KICKR.

Q: What is your favorite thing about it?

A: The open platform is my favorite aspect of the KICKR right now. It has allowed me to explore several different training apps and cater my workouts to the appropriate app.

Q: Are you using it to train for anything in particular or for general fitness?

A: Right now my KICKR is only being used for general fitness. However, I plan on utilizing it heavily during the Winter months to train for several triathlons next year. The portability of the KICKR is also extremely beneficial so I don’t miss a workout due to traveling.

Q: What device do you use with your KICKR?

A: I’ve been using the KICKR pretty exclusively with my iPad. Having both Bluetooth and Ant+ capabilities, makes the KICKR ideal for use with an iPad!

Q: What are your favorite apps to use with the KICKR?

A: I’ve been using the Wahoo Segments and Kinomap apps the most using my iPad. However, I’ve also had a lot of fun with the Wahoo workout app and velodrome feature in the Bkool app.

Congrats again to Lanny and make sure you stay tuned to our social media pages because YOU could be our next contest winner!

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KICKR Power Trainer

KICKR Training Tips from Triathlon Coach Jo Spindler

Training on the KICKR - Indoor Cycling Tips

Need some KICKR training tips for when riding on the road is not possible? Indoor cycling is your next best option especially when it can feel like you are really on the road. The Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer boasts a wheel-off design and super flywheel that produces an ultra-realistic road feel. You can set your desired power level and the KICKR will automatically adjust the resistance to ensure your ride stays consistent and calibrated. The KICKR also works with a variety of apps so you can still use your favorites.

Jo Spindler is a triathlon coach and former long distance triathlon-winning athlete. He is the coach of Wahoo Sponsored Athlete and Ironman Malaysia and Lanzarote winner Diana Riesler. Jo and Diana use the KICKR as a vital part of Diana’s training program. Here are Jo’s favorite tips and tricks on how to use the KICKR efficiently for triathlon training:

  1. Build your strength! The KICKR is the best trainer out there to do low cadence-big gear work. Due to its construction, there is no tire slip possible. The KICKR is incredibly strong and offers extremely high resistance even at very low cadences. So, properly warm up, then smash a very big gear at a cadence of 40-50 as hard as you can for 1 minute, pedal easy for 1 minute, repeat! Do this 10, 20 or 30 times once a week.
  2. When you do big gear sessions, never – this means NEVER – do high cadence work on the same day. Not within the session itself or even a session later in the day. Not as a warm up, not for rest intervals, and not for a cool down. It undoes the muscular adaptions you’re aiming for.
  3. Track your progress! There are fantastic apps you can use with your KICKR and you can set-up or download specific training sessions. One of the biggest motivations for your training is to see how your power numbers improve week over week. Make use of this opportunity and track your progress.
  4. Vary your intensities – Interval training on the KICKR is both fun and demanding. It forces you to focus on getting intensity and cadence right. It makes time fly by. You don’t have to worry about traffic, crossings, or stoplights. You can focus entirely on yourself and your effort.
  5. Focus! If you can text on your phone, or read a book or magazine while riding the KICKR, intensity is not high enough. Even if you can follow a movie, intensity is not high enough. You are not training; you are wasting your time. Focus! Don’t get distracted from the work and effort ahead.

Check out all the features of the KICKR Power Trainer here.

Tour of Britain – Recap with Team Sky

Congrats to Team Sky on a great Tour of Britain!

Wout Poels won second place overall and the team secured four of eight stage wins, with Elia Viviani taking three and Poels with one. Another impressive victory is the stage three win by Viviani that secured Team Sky’s 200th UCI win.

Team Sky’s Tour of Britain team included Ben Swift, Ian Stannard, Peter Kennaugh, Andrew Fenn, Wout Poels, and Elia Viviani

Elia Viviani – Won Stages 1, 3, and 8

Wout Poels – Won Stage 5

Some Wahooligans were able to take part in the fun at the final stage in London. Take a peek below.

Team Sky Racing

Team Sky Racing

Team Sky Racing

Team Sky Racing

Team Sky Racing

Team Sky Racing

Team Sky Racing

Wahoo Ambassador, Andrea, Runs the Leadville Trail 100 Part 2

Andrea - Leadville Trail 100 Run

We learned all about Wahoo Ambassador, Andrea Carollo’s training for the Leadville Trail 100 Run in our last blog post. So, how did the run go? Here Andrea shares her experience with us:

My race was going exactly as I had planned until the altitude crushed me on Hope Pass. I had run practically the entire course back in June when I attended the Leadville Training Camp. When planning out my race, I used the exact data from Leadville Training Camp and then built in additional time allowances to account for the fact that I would be running all of the distance at once. I created a chart that had my target pace/target arrival time at each aid station as well as the cut-off times at each aid station.

Leaving Twin Lakes Aid Station to head out over Hope Pass, I was right on schedule. I felt wonderful! I had just crushed the downhill section of the course coming into Twin Lakes. I was taking my Vespa, Base Salt, Gu & hydration exactly as I should be. I had ZERO issues.

On the ascent up Hope Pass (up to 12,600 ft) I began noticing extreme difficulty breathing. The altitude was definitely affecting me. Every step I took felt like I had just sprinted for a mile. I was panting and gasping for air.  I still made the Hope Pass time cut-off with plenty of time to spare but I was now behind my planned schedule. I became concerned as I knew from having been on the course before that the climb back over Hope Pass to Twin Lakes was WORSE. The dizziness and shortness of breath continued & I was definitely not moving as fast as I had planned. I made it in to Winfield Aid Station around 5:30pm (a half hour ahead of the cut-off time) but I knew that making the journey back over Hope Pass to Twin Lakes before the Twin Lakes 9:45pm cut-off would be tough.

I pushed as hard as I could back over Hope Pass. A pacer (whose runner did not make the Winfield cut-off) joined me. I was sort of a disaster as my breathing was getting worse and I was having to lean hunched over my mountaineering poles every few steps. When we reached the Hope Pass aid station we stopped by the campfire to warm ourselves. It was apparent that making the cut-off at Twin Lakes was no longer humanly possible. Nothing like having several more miles to go (including back across a river in the dark) when you know you’ll be pulled from the race upon arrival there anyhow. I thought about how having your own private helicopter would have really come in handy as there is NO OTHER WAY OFF THE MOUNTAIN.

Arriving at Twin Lakes (the 60 mile mark) after the cut-off time, I was disappointed but knew that I had done the best that I possibly could have. My crew and pacers were waiting. It was amazing how much better I felt once I got to a lower elevation.

Kudos to all of the athletes who crossed the start line AND the finish line. It is a brutal race and even with the best planning, you never know what can happen – especially at a high altitude! I am very fortunate to not have injured myself. My toenails were all still pretty & I went for an easy shake-out run two days after. I plan to run the Leadville Trail 100 Run again next year – as I want that belt buckle! My next 100-miler is Rocky Raccoon 100 in TX in February.

– Andrea Carollo, Wahoo Fitness Ambassador

We are so proud of Andrea for giving this race her all and so happy she is a part of our wahooligan family! Leave a comment below to congratulate her for her accomplishment.

Learn more about Andrea’s training with the TICKR X heart rate monitor leading up to the Leadville Trail 100 in our last blog post – Wahoo Ambassador, Andrea, Runs the Leadville Trail 100 Part 1.

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