The Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale tracks your weight over time to help you achieve your weight goals. Use the Wahoo Balance as your everyday scale and sync to your favorite app to set users, set goals and track your weight change over time.

• Easy to use- just step on and weigh yourself

• Tracks weight and BMI

• Set different profiles and weight goals for up to 16 different users

• Sync with your favorite App to see charts and graphs of weight and BMI over time

• Internal memory holds up to 130 weights so you can weigh yourself with or without your phone and sync when convenient

The Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale works with the iPhone 4s (or newer), iPad 3rd gen (or newer), iPad mini, and iPod Touch 5th gen (or newer)

This device will not work with the iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4.
Not sure of your iPhone model?

Need help using your Wahoo Balance?
Wahoo Balance Quick Start Guide

Supported Devices


iPhone 4S (or newer)


iPad 3rd gen (or newer), iPad mini


iPod Touch 5th gen (or newer)


Accurate and amazing!

Effortless weight tracking! Step on and let the app do the work for you! Great reminder and motivational tool

Aysia Reid