Collect crucial bike speed and cadence data during your workout. Easy to attach to most bikes, even easier to read the data on your iPhone when paired with the Wahoo Key or Wahoo Bike Case.

This product will not work with your Apple mobile device unless you have either the Wahoo Key or the Wahoo Bike Case.

  • tethered, independent speed and cadence sensors for optimal placement of each
  • durable, easy to use
  • small with low drag profile
  • can be modified for use with recumbent bikes
    tether is spliced and extended
  • sends and receives signals up to 10 feet
  • compatible with any ANT+ receiving device
  • waterproof up to 5 feet
  • replaceable 3 volt CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Wireless
    ANT+ ultra low power technology license free, 2.4 GHz ISM band operation
  • Weight
    Unit: 18 grams {0.6 ounces}
    Accessories: 12 grams {0.4 ounces}
    Total: 30 grams {1.0 ounces}

Supported Devices


iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S


iPad (1st gen), iPad (2nd gen), iPad (3rd gen)


iPod Touch (4th gen)


The best I've ever had

These days almost everyone has a smartphone of one make or another. And I myself dont go on a ride without my phone (obvious safety issues), so why not combine your phone with some small and very lite cycling technology? The case is nice and sturdy, it locks well so if it falls it doesnt look like you will have to go out and buy a new one. The speed/cad sensor is small and easy to install. Plus its all wireless, woo-hoo.


Good as any

My first speed/cadence (S/C) sensor stopped working after a few months, but Wahoo support replaced it for me free (So I LOVE their support!) All makers of these sort of sensors (e.g., Garmin) require very close proximity of the magnets to the sensors so installation is key. I installed my S/C sensor upside down and it works just fine - perfectly, really. The reason I do this is because the spokes are moving in a direction that would be very damaging to both sensor and wheel if the sensor moved too close to the spoke. By mounting it upside-down, I am in no danger of the sensor tearing up my wheel. Like I say, it works just as well for me this way. I wish someone could make a unit that did not have to have the magnet sooooooo close to the sensor, but nobody does. I highly recommend Wahoo sensors!