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TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

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Monitor HR

TICKR uses your heart rate to gauge how hard you are pushing yourself to make sure you are getting the most out of every workout.

Apple Watch

Pair directly with the Apple Watch to track heart rate or sync heart rate data through the Wahoo 7 Minute Workout app or Wahoo RunFit app.

TICKR RUN Running Monitor

TICKR RUN Running Monitor

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Running Analytics

Measure several indicators of running form including vertical oscillation, stride rate, running smoothness, and ground contact time.

Treadmill mode

Track speed and distance data while on the treadmill

TICKR X Workout Tracker with memory

TICKR X Workout Tracker with memory

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Count Reps

TICKR X counts your reps while performing the scientific 7 minute workout


With on-board memory that can record your workout, TICKR X allows you to leave your smartphone behind and still capture valuable performance metrics like time, heart rate, and calorie burn.

Dual Band Technology (Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+) X X X
Real Time Heart Rate & Calorie Tracking X X X
Visible Connection X X X
Third Party App Compatibility X X X
Personalized Heart Rate Training with the RunFit App X X X
Running Smoothness™ X X
Treadmill Mode X X
Running Cadence Measurement X X
Additional Running Analytics X X
Built-In Memory X
Indoor Cycling Cadence with the Wahoo Fitness App X
Rep Counting with the 7 Minute Workout App X
Rapid Double Tap Control X
Replaceable Battery X X X
Water Proof & Sweat Proof X X X
The App Experience


Heart rate at the center of your workout, plus integrated strength and cross-training.

RunFit App

Personalize your heart rate training and maximize your workout with HIIT, strength workouts. Download for iOS.


Advanced motion analytics captures every repetition, measures your heart rate intensity, and tracks calories burned. Buy now.

Accomplish Your Goals

Experience the only app with heart rate integrated into running, cardio, and strength. See what you're putting in and what you're getting out of your workouts.

7 Minute Workout

Combine the high-intensity, interval 7 Minute Workout App with Wahoo TICKR X workout tracker for the first ever fully integrated experience! Let the TICKR X count reps so you are free to focus on form and put more power into your workout.

7 Minute Workout

The fitness app that you can take anywhere and the only equipment you need is your body. Download for iOS. Download for Android.


Advanced motion analytics captures every repetition for each exercise . Buy now.

Be Your Best

Put your focus into your workout and reach your fitness goals!


Works with Apps

Whether you are training for a 10k, cycling to work, or powering through bootcamp, the TICKR works with a variety of apps to fit your training needs.

Wahoo Fitness
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
Running and Walking with Endomondo
Cyclemeter GPS
Map My Ride
Nike+ Running
Map My Run
Strava Running and Cycling
Runtastic GPS Running
Map My Fitness
PEAR Personal Coach
7 Minute Workout


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“With seamless support from over 50 third party IPhone apps every athlete can find a helpful function to take advantage of. This strap by far exceeded my expectations and has made its way into my weekly routine."
- GearMinded