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Software Updates

Today we release 2 new software updates….


Wahoo Fitness v3.3 for iOS

Another major update to Wahoo Fitness for iOS has hit the App Store today which brings you some some cool new features and fixes.


Today we released a project that has been over 12 months in development: Localization.

We have spent a lot of time over the past year getting our app ready for translation to 7 languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese (Brazil). It has been long and tedious work but we all hope it makes our international customers feel more at home. We hope you all enjoy our efforts!


localization_screenshot_3 Localization localization_screenshot_2



We admit it – a major flaw in our app has always been Maps. The old map view was thrown together in a matter of hours when our app was first submitted to the App Store and unfortunately it never received much love – we were busy making new products for you guys! We are planning a major update to Maps for iOS 7 for later in the year, but the other week one of our engineers locked himself away for the weekend and overhauled what we have. Check it out: Better zoom, pan and never again will you that track again when the app enters the background!




The update also includes a bunch of other bug fixes and improvements:

- Improved UI performance and loading in the history view
- Fixed upload of indoor workouts to Strava
- Improved connectivity and screen updates for RFLKT
- Fixes to Audio Announcements.

This is a major internal update to our app – every screen in the app was edited for localization. While we have done our best to test all the features, sometimes when we let it loose on over 100K users, you guys will find things that we didn’t. Just let us know through the support site and we will fix it. We admire and thank you for your patience and understanding :)


Segments v1.0.1


This release is 100% bug fixes – especially for our iPad 2 users.

- Fixed support for iOS 5 – we aren’t going to add updates to iOS 5 for very long – We kindly suggest you update to a new version of iOS :)
- Fixed export with Cadence and Heart rate – this was causing crashes while exporting in alot of cases.
- Fixed settings crash – we had some issues displaying some date of birth information in some of your user profiles.
- Fixed UI issues on non-retina iPads (iPad 2 and iPad Mini)

**IMPORTANT** The update includes a firmware update for the Wahoo Key – this was the source of several issues for iPad 2 users. You will be prompted to update when you connect your KICKR via the Wahoo Key. Please install this update!

We know some people had issues with the KICKR’s resistance not being set as expected. From what we can tell, it was all iPad 2 owners using the Wahoo Key. Great news – this should be fixed with the firmware update! If you have had issues when using Bluetooth, please let us know though support.

It’s awesome that everyone is loving this App so much – we are humbled by your feedback. Make sure you go and leave those 5 star reviews on the App Store… our engineers only get paid by the number of Stars they receive in reviews. ;-)

Happy cycling/running!
Wahoo Murray